About Hekití and the Moon

I wrote this short story back in 2003, while I was doing some research about the Taíno natives of our island.

I also wanted to mix up several natural beauties, like the bioluminescent bays, the ocean and the hues of blueish light that a full Moon can cast over the trees at night, and how they can speak to us, if we care enough to listen. Then, I came across this excellent online dictionary:

Dictionary of the Taíno Language

and the result was ‘Hekití and the Moon’.

I have kept the story on a shelf for years, until recently. Back then, self-publishing was not something people knew much about. But now, it has become extremely popular, so I have decided to give it a try. Why not?

It seems the story was well received and it makes me happy being able to share it.

Hekití and the Moon: A Taíno Legend


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