Sharing your home with felines

I share my household with three adorable kitties. They love invading my bed, particularly when I’m not home because they know they’re not allowed to sleep with me. But, since they gave me the opportunity to capture them like this, I’ve decided to honor them by posting some of their pics. They’re all neutered and spayed of course, after being rescued from different places. The gray tabby is the oldest, his name is Ricardo. The Siamese mix comes next, her name is Mimusa, and the youngest is Greta, the orange tabby.


Ricardo, a proud 12 year old, loves to spread himself on the floor in weird angles, and he has the ability to stay like that for hours on end.

He just stared at the camera and did not even blink… Poor Ricardo was abandoned by his previous owner. The guy just moved out and left him behind. At that time, I had no pets, so I took him to my apartment, fed him, took him to the vet and kept him. A week later, his ex-owner saw me on the corridor and said: “Oh, I was looking for you. I moved out because I am getting married and my fiancée’s daughter is asthmatic, so I had to leave Ricardo. I was hoping you would take him, have you seen him by any chance?” I just stared at him and said: “Ricardo is with me now, thanks for leaving him. He’s the happiest cat in the world,” and walked away. How can people do that? I don’t know…


 Greta’s poses, however, are not so feminine, as you can see. Apparently, she loves the way the floor tiles feel on her tummy. I rescued her from the streets in Old San Juan and she was so sick when I found her, that the vet told me she could not make it. She followed me to my car, crying and begging me to take her, but I already had two, so I did not know if I should take her or leave her there. Besides, she was so tiny! I tried to find her a suitable home, but nobody seemed that interested, so I ended up keeping her. She’s 3 years old now and is the biggest of the three, so go figure.


Mimusa is a complete attention-seeker and the smartest of the three.

She loves posing in weird angles, and of course, she loves my bed. I adopted her from the Humane Society when Ricardo was around 3 years old, thinking that a baby kitten would keep him company when I was not around. It only took 2 weeks for them to get bonded for life. Ricardo thinks she is his little baby and bathes her all the time, well except when she’s showing off or napping on my comforter.

My kitties are awesome. They warm up the house and they’re the best companions anyone can have.

8 thoughts on “Sharing your home with felines

  1. Abeliz says:

    Hey girl… Love your post. I have four cats, two girls and two boys. All of them neutered of course. My husband rescued two of them, they were abandoned near a gym at Rincon. They know when I get home, they sit at the front door waiting for me and then they start to meaw me giving me the welcome back home… love them…
    Haaa, their names are Bonker, Lunna, Wasabi and Curly

  2. wolke205 says:

    I m so glad you have rescued Greta! 🙂 We had 3 male cats at home – they all were thrown away like shit, my neighbours found them & brought them to us. Lovely photos of your fluffy friends 🙂

  3. Gossippet says:

    Love it, thank you for sharing it!

  4. munchow says:

    Fantastic cat pictures. How they can pose and make themselves adorable!

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