3 Kings Night with Balún & Mima

Epiphany, January the 6th, or 3 Kings Day is a big holiday for hispanic people all over the world. We get to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and the belief that 3 kings from the Middle East came to visit and honor him with gifts in Bethlehem. So, everybody exchanges gifts and children get toys and all that, but I decided to go see Balún and Mima at ‘Y no había luz’s’ studio theater.

When you got there, you had to leave your shoes on a table at the entrance. They had conditioned the floors with cushions and comforters. That way everyone could sit down and enjoy the show without inconveniencing those behind you. I love the way they had set up the stage.

They also had set up an improvised bar where they sold beer and other beverages. You can see some of the theater’s props hanging around. ‘Y no había luz’ specializes in puppeteering, stop motion and short sketches. I like the bomb lamp.

Balún opened the show and they were glorious. I love their music so much that if in my lifetime, someone ever approaches me with the desire to make my novel into a movie, I will definitely have Balún to do the music score. I like how they combine electronic sounds with musical toy instruments, like the piano-flute and the toy xylophone.

Nora plays the bass and the tiple, and she is wonderful.

Angélica plays violin, accordion, and other instruments, plus, she sings beautifully.

Balún also invited other musicians to join them, but I don’t know all of their names. What you see in the center is a box with grass. The night before 3 Kings Day, you’re supposed to prepare a box with grass and a bowl of water for the kings’ camels to eat and drink. You have to leave those under the Christmas tree, where your gifts magically appear next morning. Some people even leave milk and cookies for the kings…, of course they all do this for their kids. I remember my parents helping me and my siblings out, choosing a nice shoe box and picking up the greenest grass, and have it all ready under the tree for the kings to come and leave presents.

This is when Mima came in to join everyone. The fusion they made was exquisite. Wish I had a video camera to record some of it.

And here is a last one of Mima and Angélica playing the musical saw. It’s a shame the photo did not come out so clear.

To make up for the missing sounds in this post, I have searched over You Tube and found a lovely clip from Balún. Hope you like it.

And I also found an experimental video someone made, with one of my favorite songs from Mima, Damen.

And yet, another video. This is Mima playing live the song, ‘Agua Fría’.

Balún has a website with some free downloads. Just go here: Balún Online

Mima has a website too:
Mima Música

Hope you get to check out their awesome music!


15 thoughts on “3 Kings Night with Balún & Mima

  1. jakesprinter says:

    Great entry i love it 🙂

  2. munchow says:

    I grew up for some time in Gran Canaria (Spain) and thus have experienced the 3 Kings Day. But I didn’t know anything about Balún and Mima. Great. Thanks for sharing.

    • mcolmo says:

      Thanks for dropping by Munchow. Well, both Balún and Mima are indie artists so they’re not all well known out there, unless you’re into indie music. I’m glad you liked them! 🙂

  3. susielindau says:

    This looks quite fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!

    • mcolmo says:

      Thank you! It was absolutely beautiful and the sound was awesome. it was a sold out show. They had another one on Sunday night and it was sold out too!

  4. xandimusic says:

    very nice videos! Like their music!! So, you made me learning to new artists, thanks!
    peace and greetings

  5. P! says:

    It was way awesome indeed. The piano-flute contraption is called a melodica. They use it a lot on reggae and dub records. Depeche Mode and New Order use it as well on a couple of their tracks.

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