The River, The Trees and The Tree Cuddler

The River.

There is a long river that runs parallel to the street behind my house. Well, actually it practically runs across the entire neighborhood. It is called Río Piedras. I’m actually standing more than 20 feet away from the water, but it’s a bit hard to appreciate. Yet, if you look to the upper left corner, there is a house that lets you appreciate the steep way down to the river. I wouldn’t dare to walk down. It’s very steep and I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to climb back up.


Most of the time, the stream is very low and you can appreciate the river bank and its pebbles.


There is a bridge that connects my neighborhood with the neighboring one. My reflection got in the way…, sorry about that.


The Trees.

There are many trees surrounding the green area along the river and the upper bank, the one that runs up to street level; if such a thing exists and I haven’t made it up. Usually, there are many birds on the area, but today they saw me and flew away, aparently.


Some trees seem to defy the river by growing in all sorts of strange angles, like this palm tree.


However, there are others that have grown on the grass, like any normal tree, parallel to street level. This particular one has gorgeous gnarled roots and it shows off beautiful flowers around the month of June.


There are other trees that have served as playground for long-gone kids that used to play around the neighborhood. This used to be a tree house, now only a couple of fences remain.


I wish I knew the names of all these trees. My botanical knowledge is limited, but at least I know how to plant a tree and that’s why I’m blogging this.


This baby tree was given to me by the Conservation Trust on Sunday. They had this magnificent fair where they gave out trees to all participants. I got two baby trees and decided to plant them here, close to the river and to some older trees, but with enough space where they can grow strong. Right after I planted the first one, the wind started blowing and bent this baby tree to the side. I waited and when the wind stopped, the baby tree stood upright. I like the way the photo turned out though.


Yet, the second baby tree needed some special prosthetics to keep it upright. I devised these crutches so that the baby tree can lean on them and grow upright. This means I’ll have to keep an eye on this one and give it some TLC each day until he outgrows his prosthetic arm and can stand on his own.

The Tree Cuddler.


Obviously someone who likes trees more than enough to cuddle with them.


23 thoughts on “The River, The Trees and The Tree Cuddler

  1. m5son says:

    Just saw this. That’s a hell of a tree and quite the tree cuddler!

  2. I’m reminded of a Guinness Book of Word Records story featured in a MN restaurant I adored as a kid. A woman loved her tree so much, she married it! Extreme, perhaps, but I can see the perks. 😉 Lovely post and blog.

  3. I love trees and some of those here look really fantastic!

  4. thefictionme says:

    man.. I didn’t realise trees can be this cool.. I only think of monkeys whenever I see a tree. :B

  5. Ann Marquez says:

    I love trees 😀 And that tree with the roots, and the cuddle tree … very cool 😉
    Best of luck with the babies. I’m certain that with your TLC they’ll grow healthy and strong 😀

  6. Coleen Patrick says:

    The tree cuddler–so cute! And I love the photos, esp. the one with all the roots.

  7. munchow says:

    It’s such a lush neighbourhood you live in – even with your own river. And the trees are gorgeous. There is indeed something special about tropical trees. Funny that you excused the shadow of yourself in the picture of the bridge. That made it a much more interesting picture to me. Besides that I think cuddling trees is a fine hobby. Good luck with the babies!

    • mcolmo says:

      Munchow, I’m glad you liked that photo of the bridge, I like it too! And yes, there are many huge trees around the neighborhood and I love that. I guess tropical plants and trees grow in exuberant ways. I love that too.

  8. Addie says:

    I miss cuddling the trees back in my hometown. I especially like the 6th picture. Great snaps!

  9. Nice post! I am so fond of trees (and other plants) myself, but do not know any of these. To exotic to my knowledge..! 😉

  10. Elana says:

    Aww… poor lil’ treelet! 🙂
    And I love the tree with the roots! … Wow, that came out badly. Don’t all trees have roots? I think you know what I mean though! 😉

  11. Fergiemoto says:

    Thanks for this tour! The tree with the gnarled roots is unusual and very interesting. I also think the photo with your shadow is pretty cool! Hope your little tree does well.

  12. susielindau says:

    Look at how cute you are! Great tour and I love the trees!

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