Río Piedras Botanical Gardens

These are a series of photos from the Río Piedras Botanical Gardens. They are located very near my home and it is one of those places I wish I had the time to visit more often. Some people go there to relax or to jog through the trails. I went for a walk and took some pictures.

These small red flowers are known as ‘Cruz de Malta.’

But of course, a garden is not a garden without a fountain…

and a turtle in a pond!

There is also a sculpture garden that contrasts with all the lush nature in the surroundings.

These palm trees seemed to resemble some sort of Stonehenge, so I got in there to see if they transmitted good vibes. Everybody needs them.

These offices were closed when I got there, but I know they give guided tours.

These flowers are known as ‘playeras.’

And these are from the family of heliconias.

This lizard did not seem to mind being photographed. In fact he stood still and left right when the flash hit, so he was lucky to be included in the photo.

There is an interesting orange insect feeding from the flowers here, but I don’t know his name. This is the closest I could get without scaring him.

And just as I was leaving, I saw they had parked this lovely train. I believe this is the one they use for their guided tours. I’d like to go back and see when they offer them so I can go again and take more photos.


Corridors & Stairs

Just walking through Calle Sol, Calle Luna and Calle San Justo at Old San Juan today and decided to photograph some of the corridors and stairs you get to see in between houses.









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