The Amazing Story of Philomena Sparks

This will be the cover of my new book, which I hope to have out there by late December or January. It is a Victorian mystery novelette set in London between 1854 and 1856 with some Steampunk elements in it. Yes, I know the title is a bit long, but people have told me they like it. Right now I am in the process of proofreading and double/triple checking it. Also, a friend of mine, the very talented Adriana Rosario is illustrating the novel for me. I have always wanted to publish an illustrated book and her illustrations are turning out beautifully.

Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 11.27.10 PM

However, we need some help. I have opened a project in Kickstarter, so please do check it out. Here is the link:

The Amazing Story of Philomena Sparks

There are some of her illustrations there for you to see. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Spread the word too, please! If you don’t see me ’round here much it’s because I am working like an automaton to get this done on time. Have a great and wonderful Christmas!


12 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of Philomena Sparks

  1. munchow says:

    The cover is fantastic. And I am sure the rest of the of the illustrations will be equally mesmerizing.

    • mcolmo says:

      The illustrations are in pencil, very simple in style, but I am very happy with the way the artist drew them. I hope people like the story as well, it has taken me a lot of effort to put this together, but in the end, the biggest reward I’ll have is to finally see it all in print, which will be soon, hopefully.

  2. Ray Colon says:

    Hi Marielba,

    Congratulations on your successful Kickstarter project. I’ve just kicked in a small pledge to help you complete the book.

    The name is a bit long, but that shouldn’t be a problem, I can think of many books with long names. I look forward to reading it.

    • mcolmo says:

      Thank you! I know the title is a bit long, but I’ve asked among my friends and they say I should leave it like that because it’s weird. 🙂 Thank you so much for your pledge. I do appreciate it! I’ll let you know when it’s out there!

    • mcolmo says:

      By the way, check on the updates to see some of the illustrations. I have put half of them there. They’re 18 in total, all wonderful!

  3. susielindau says:

    Fantastic! Congrats! I love the cover. Let us know when it is published. 🙂
    Thanks for bringing this by the party M. I hope you have fun checking out the other blogs. There are a lot of new partiers today!

  4. I very much like the cover of your new book, it looks exciting. Good luck! 🙂

  5. I love this concept! if you need a lit agent yell out because I have someone that understands the genre. We are actually working on a Steampunk doco with several Steampunk Authors! Sorry for not commenting for a while we have been flat chat and I have neglected wordpress for 6 months! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas MC!

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