Paint Nite at the Ri Ra

I was in Burlington, VT a few weeks back, and I had the opportunity to attend a Paint Nite. I think it’s the most wonderful thing ever! You don’t need to be an artist or have magical skills with brushes. You just need to be patient, follow instructions and go with the flow. Basically, you need to focus and listen to what the art teacher tells you to do because everyone will be painting the same portrait, but they all end up being different.


This is the entrance of the infamous Irish Pub, the Ri Ra, right on Church Street, Burlington, where we all got covered in acrylic paint. Yay!


They provide all the materials you need, the canvas, brushes, paint, a cup of water to dip the brushes and they even give you a card with your name on, so you can reserve your spot before the event.


People sit in long tables with their canvases in front of them. The teacher provides an apron too, in case there are accidents. Well, it’s a pub after all and you can drink while you paint.



They also interrupt your art process and make you hold silly pole signs.



This was our table. I’m the one at the end, and next to me is my best friend, Ligia. It was her idea to go and do this and I am so glad we went.


One has to concentrate on the details…


The final result! The painting is called Day & Night, and Ligia’s night sky looks excellent. Mine is more like a dusk/dawn color, I think. She liked my twirls, though. Regardless, it was fun and different, being able to go to a painting gig in a pub. Try it out! It seems to be the latest trend in many places. And, you can take your creation home and hang it up on a wall to show off too.


4 thoughts on “Paint Nite at the Ri Ra

  1. A very interesting idea. I got ever so bored just going to the pub every Friday night doing the same thing when I was younger. This certainly would make an evening all the more enjoyable and the best thing is you learn a new skill and then have something pretty to take home! Good for you for trying. 🙂

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