UnknownI haven’t been here for years. That does not mean I have forgotten about my blog. Most of the times I feel I have abandoned it for several reasons, a reason, the only reason; life getting in the way of doing the things I or you really like doing. And, with that thought, it’s about time to get grounded and not let that “life” get in the way of things that fill your cup. Since we are being told to practice “social isolation,” in a world where people socialize through the web more than in their everyday lives, then, why not take this as an opportunity to really reach out to those around us more than ever? Since humankind likes to do and practice the opposite of what they’re being told to, so now what? I guess it’s time to reflect and come to appreciate what you have and those around you, even if they’re not there near you physically, that does not mean we are totally isolated, or are we?

4 thoughts on “2020

  1. GG says:

    How are you, hope your light is still shining bright in this wonderful new 4D/5D Earth shift.
    If interested my new blog site is http://www.youaremultidimensional.com on WordPress..be happy,safe & I send you intimate blessings. GG💚😇

  2. ggsethericjourney says:

    I send you my ♥️, wisdom, knowledge,knowing, & infinite love,.. knowing that you send your ♥️ wisdom knowledge knowing & infinite love to the world..God Bless GG

  3. ggsethericjourney says:

    Simply written,, true & very much O.C Olomo. Your a shinning diamond in a world that needs more…love u dearly…GG

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