Paint Nite at the Ri Ra

I was in Burlington, VT a few weeks back, and I had the opportunity to attend a Paint Nite. I think it’s the most wonderful thing ever! You don’t need to be an artist or have magical skills with brushes. You just need to be patient, follow instructions and go with the flow. Basically, you need to focus and listen to what the art teacher tells you to do because everyone will be painting the same portrait, but they all end up being different.


This is the entrance of the infamous Irish Pub, the Ri Ra, right on Church Street, Burlington, where we all got covered in acrylic paint. Yay!


They provide all the materials you need, the canvas, brushes, paint, a cup of water to dip the brushes and they even give you a card with your name on, so you can reserve your spot before the event.


People sit in long tables with their canvases in front of them. The teacher provides an apron too, in case there are accidents. Well, it’s a pub after all and you can drink while you paint.



They also interrupt your art process and make you hold silly pole signs.



This was our table. I’m the one at the end, and next to me is my best friend, Ligia. It was her idea to go and do this and I am so glad we went.


One has to concentrate on the details…


The final result! The painting is called Day & Night, and Ligia’s night sky looks excellent. Mine is more like a dusk/dawn color, I think. She liked my twirls, though. Regardless, it was fun and different, being able to go to a painting gig in a pub. Try it out! It seems to be the latest trend in many places. And, you can take your creation home and hang it up on a wall to show off too.


Extra Super Late Post About My X-mas Tree

Shame, shame, shame, it’s been a long while since I last updated this blog. The thing is, life gets in the way when you want to blog. In my case, life, work and 20 other stuff not even worth mentioning. Anyhow, here are the pics of my Christmas tree. All decorations are hand made. I made most of them, but my mom helped sewing the hat. I was thinking this should be a Halloween tree you can put up in October and leave it there until Christmas! Why not!


These are the foam balls I hand painted with different Jack Skellington’s facial expressions. You can find them at Party City and they come in 6-packs. I used a very fine point Sharpie, but there are other pens you can use.


And this is the tree! I bought the huge foam ball for Jack’s head at a local craft shop, where I also purchased the material used for the beard. I cut the material in two pieces, giving the pointy shape to it while cutting, of course, and then sewed them together with white thread. I used the same type of sharpie for the face, and my mom made the hat with scrap leftovers of a red velvet dress. I got the ribbon from someone at eBay, just to give it a more Burtonesque swirl touch. Maybe the whole concept would look much better on a white or a frosted Christmas tree. Hmmm….. or maybe I should get one of those, but larger and make even more Jack heads and add up some black ribbon as well. Hee, hee, hee…

Campechada 2014 – a photoblog

This is a collection of photos I took at the Campechada today, which was dedicated to Myrna Báez. La Campechada is all about art, music and performance in the streets of Old San Juan. I had the opportunity to watch wonderful and amazing performances from the dance company, Andanza, the theater company Y no había luz, and from the master, Deborah Hunt. Enjoy!

































About illustrating a book

Illustrating a book may seem as a rather easy task, but not really. The illustrator must have both knowledge and sensitivity to re-create, through drawings, the touch and feel, and the atmosphere that is being described in a particular story.

That’s why when I first gave Adriana Rosario, the rough draft of Philomena Sparks, for her to start reading, I told her that if she did not like or felt identified with the story in any way, that then I’d look for someone else to illustrate the book, but no, I did not have to. I believe Adriana made such an excellent job, and we’re all very proud of her. Here are some of her illustrations while they were still in the making.

I won’t say what they’re all about because then I’d be ruining the story for you. All I’ll say for now is that my favorite is the last one. Although sometimes I have trouble making up my mind, because all of them are so beautiful and carefully drawn. I have to say I am extremely happy and quite pleased with the way the book ended up looking. Now, I have to make it available in electronic format, and I hope the illustrations look as wonderful as they do in print.