And Merry Christmas to you all!


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Beautiful Christmas. I’m very very happy and there is reason to celebrate. My project at Kickstarter has had an awesome reception and will be funded, thanks to all charitable souls who have helped out. However, the project is still going and will be running until January the 10th so if you still want a signed and dedicated copy of my new book, do click on this link:

The Amazing Story of Philomena Sparks

Do check out the updates and see the wonderful illustrations that I have posted so far. I can’t wait to put the book together and have it ready to print. Do spread the word too about this, please!

In the meantime, have a Merry Gothic Christmas! (You know how it is…)



Cool badge and certificate from The Halloween Book Festival

Just got these in today! They look awesome! Thank you, Halloween Book Festival, you made my day!

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 5.05.06 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 5.06.03 PM