911 Iguana Rescuers

Just go away and leave me alone. I did not ask to be photographed or much less to be saved. I only got myself trapped in here because I wanted to put an end to my miserable existence after my beloved female died in the same fashion, but I did not succeed. I’m a big loser.

I made so much noise after getting stuck, that the human lady who lives in the house right across this fence had to come out and sort out a way of saving my life. First she took a photo of me with her cell phone and then called her sister to boast about my misery. How humiliating!

Then, she left me on my own, and I thought I was finally going to join my female in iguana heaven, but no. I saw this human lady coming my way and now she was carrying a ladder. She neatly placed it over the fence. Then she left again and came back quickly with another lady. They both looked at me while probably deciding which was the best way to cut me in two, and get rid of my remains by throwing them to the river nearby, but I was wrong again. I saw how the first lady climbed up the ladder and jumped the fence. She put something soft around my hind legs and my long tail, and started pulling me back.

Then, the other lady rubbed my head with her fingertips while saying all sorts of nice things I did not want to hear. And, without asking me, she just stretched my forearms forward so they could slide back, along with the rest of my body, through the hole I had deliberately stuck myself in.

I was gently put on the ground and as soon as I felt I was free I gave both ladies a dirty look, waved my throat flap at them and ran away. I think I heard them celebrating, although there was nothing worth cheering about. Now I know it’s no use trying to commit suicide again, because there will be slats on that fence next time.

Hmm, or maybe it’s not my time and I will meet a nice lady iguana very soon…



Do animals mourn?

It is a universal well-known fact that bizarre events seem to follow me and smack me in the face when I least expect them.

A few days ago I noticed a couple of huge iguanas roaming around in my backyard. I could tell they were male and female because they had different colors and the male has a crest that runs all across the upper part of his body to the beginning of his tail.
Well, today, I was outside doing laundry and water hosing the backyard, and I saw the iguanas were on the same place I had first spotted them.

Now, the sad part of this story is that I moved closer to try and see if I could photograph them any closer, and then, the male moved away and I saw what had happened…
The female iguana got trapped in the cyclone fence that divides my house from the neighbor’s and tragically, I discovered that she had died while trying to get through one of the holes.
The male, would not leave his partner. He climbed up the fence, but stayed on guard, watching me. I think maybe he does not know she is dead. I really don’t know what is going on, I’m not an expert on iguanas. I tried to get closer in order to remove the dead body, put it in a bag and take it elsewhere, but the male iguana hissed at me and did not go away.
I don’t know what to do now. I guess I’ll have to wait until the male realizes she’s gone and I can find the way to pick up the dead one. It will be a disgusting event, so I won’t take any pictures of that.
But, on the other hand, I don’t know if these animals are monogamous. I don’t think they are, but I feel for the poor male iguana who lost his companion. He has proven to be far more loyal than many people I know…