You know you’re odd when…

It is a well known fact that I’ve been labeled as odd ever since I was born, apparently. I don’t know why, I think I’m pretty normal, but what is normal anyways? So, I’ve decided to list some things I do that are perfectly normal to me, yet a bit weird for the rest of the world…

1. I have 3 cats and they are treated like family. I talk to my cats and I believe they understand me.

2. I sing aloud or to myself when I’m alone. I have a radio in my office space and if a song I like starts playing, I may sing along. What’s wrong with that? I have that office to myself.

3. I get bored at parties and pubs. I feel like I’m wasting my time.

4. I read. I love literature.

5. I have rescued animals in need, (toads, iguanas, dogs, birds, cats, etc.).

6. I like theater plays and puppeteering. I also like independent and foreign films.

7. I don’t like beer or soda drinks, I only drink water or juice, but I do love red wine and whisky.

8. I like animated movies. I love claymation and computer animation too.

9. I use movie lines from “Top Secret,” “The Princess Bride,” “Burn After Reading,” and many Peter Sellers movies (among others) to reply to people. Of course, only very few ‘get it’ and I irremediably leave laughing out loud.

10. I observe people and I listen to them attentively when they talk to me.

11. I also observe nature and I am very intuitive. I see behavior patterns or details, in both people and in nature, that nobody else sees.

12. I write.

This animation shows the solution of the game ...




About Hekití and the Moon

I wrote this short story back in 2003, while I was doing some research about the Taíno natives of our island.

I also wanted to mix up several natural beauties, like the bioluminescent bays, the ocean and the hues of blueish light that a full Moon can cast over the trees at night, and how they can speak to us, if we care enough to listen. Then, I came across this excellent online dictionary:

Dictionary of the Taíno Language

and the result was ‘Hekití and the Moon’.

I have kept the story on a shelf for years, until recently. Back then, self-publishing was not something people knew much about. But now, it has become extremely popular, so I have decided to give it a try. Why not?

It seems the story was well received and it makes me happy being able to share it.

Hekití and the Moon: A Taíno Legend